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About InOutsiders

InOutsiders was created by three students - one from Perú, Norway and the Netherlands -, with a common engagement and interest in humans and cultures. We share stories of millennials from all over the world that inspire us, to inspire others.

We live in a world where honesty and authenticity have become exclusive goods. Social media and the modern way of expressing ourselves to the public have taught us to always portray our most attractive and positive moments in life. We want individuals to be free to display their true selves - to find a space to express identity and passion. InOutsiders wants to provide that space. That is why we reach out to millennials to hear their stories - their troubles, their proudest moments, and their hidden truths. We aim to get underneath the tip of the iceberg of the people we meet along our way.


The young generation is our future. Let's get to know them.


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Meet Inoutsiders

InOutsiders highlights people's passions and ambitions. Find out about our own passions here:


"I felt this strange sensation of feeling perfectly at home in the most unfamiliar environment I had ever encountered."


 "Even when there is absolutely no audience at a performance (that happens, yep...)"

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"On the hardest days, I need one song, just one to clear my mind, get lost and then I can breathe again."

Paula Aragones

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