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"We once got lost on a hiking trip in the woods of Venezuela. We lost track of the trail, in the middle of a really challenging terrain, and we had to start looking for an alternative route. After a long while of searching for a manageable path, it got to the point where we were both standing in front of a tall wall - realizing that there was no other way to go than up. A cliff of 40 meters with no equipment nor any experience climbing. My brother told me to go before him so that if I would fall, he would try to catch me. I was so full of adrenaline that my body even stopped shaking - I knew that hesitation could put my life and my brother's at stake.

It is the most terrifying experience I have ever had. Taking one step at a time, clinging on to the wall with my fingers and holding my breath to stay completely focused. We pushed all our strength to the max, and - thank god - we were wearing our hiking shoes so we had some extra grip. Defying the odds, we eventually got to the top of the cliff, after quite a long time. We paused for a moment to catch our breath, not saying a word. As we stood there and realized what we just did, we took hold of one another, and we couldn't let go. We just held on for the longest time. Luckily, right after reaching the top, we found a path that brought us back home.

Ever since that trip we've been connected in a unique way. An incomparable connection that can only be revealed when you share the same fear, the same level of uncontrollable adrenaline. After grasping the intense fear I faced, I realized I wanted experiences like this to be part of my life; continue creating incredible bonds with others, like the one I had just discovered with my brother. I have been seeking adrenaline-raising adventures ever since. In many ways, that trip shaped me; it determined who I am and who I will be.”

- Juan, Venezuela

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