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Creating your own path

“I think I've just always been a bit different. Ever since I was a kid I've been inspired by art and creative people; reading Hunter S. Simpson and absorbing the art of Jean Micheal Basqiuat always enraptured my imagination. But it wasn't until high school that I slowly began to manifest my feelings and thoughts through my style. I remember going through my grandma's shelves to find those funky old sunglasses she was wearing three decades ago, or picking up a random purple hat or just anything weird that I could find around the house. I started wearing those things to school, and the more I did it, the more fun I had doing it. My style got more and more eccentric as time flew, and at some point I was just known as "that guy with the sick clothes”. I felt great! It was as if my style was outgrowing me - it became my image, my new persona.

I was always told to play my cards the best way possible, regardless of whether I get lucky or not. There is always someone who's better off than you are, but there will also always be people who are much less fortunate. I was lucky with the first cards given to me in my life - growing up in a resourceful country where safety and other basic needs are none of my preoccupations. I chose to play those cards by exploiting my freedom to express whatever the hell I want; wear those freaking flower pants that were probably made for women, and daring to spill out my true self without caring about crossing the common lines and other people's opinions.

To me, half of the fun of living this lifestyle free of conformity is motivating others to do the same. I love getting people out of their comfort zone and making them feel good while doing it. I always strive to do that for my friends, I owe it to them, they're fucking cool. I'll organize a party or a get-together anytime I can, and I always put my whole soul into doing it - just to make sure my friends unleash and really enjoy all of it. We'll always dress up in the weirdest stuff when we party together, it's become our thing, our identity. We’re a special little team; all their different personalities inspire me - it proves that by embracing who I am and the life I want to live, I am attracting people that strive for the same goals through their own paths. In the end, that's what makes you truly free - creating your own path.”

- Håkon, Norway

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