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Deeper inwards

"I was about 12 years old when I first stepped into a martial arts gym. I got into fights pretty often and my mother’s boyfriend suggested I would try it out. The reason I would get angry was when people said or did something that I considered unfair. “If you don’t get yourself in trouble at school I’ll buy you a heavy bag” is what he told me. I didn’t, and shortly after I got my present he took me to a boxing gym. Soon enough I found myself practicing every day and by the time I was 15 I was competing both nationally and internationally, and was eventually selected for a talent-team to participate in the Summer Olympics of 2020. Despite these ambitions I was forced to take a step back from training because I injured my hand during a boxing match. That’s when I started to take making music more seriously. Songwriting kind of naturally happened. As a kid I would sometimes write down angry rap lyrics. I remember one time in primary school when a kid found my notebook and made fun of them. They went something along the lines of “I am The Hulk!”. As you can tell, even back then I was already struggling with my emotions.

Through writing songs and practicing martial arts I have found a way to deal with these emotions. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that a lot of people say and do unfair things, which is something I can’t control. Combat sports, music and meditation taught - and keeps teaching me - to observe my emotions first instead of always instinctively reacting. It gives me self-control and confidence and shaped me into who I am today. These days I train and write songs not to release any anger, but to reflect and learn more of myself."

- Sally, The Netherlands

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