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Hooked for life

"When I was younger I used to compete in sailing. I was always active with sports, especially those related to the ocean. To me, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, trying to manage the roughness and unpredictability of the ocean, it has always fascinated me. When I was 16 I joined a summer camp to a beautiful place called Hoddevik, a small valley far away from the city. Great walls of mountains surrounding you in every direction, opening up to the ocean. That's where I surfed for the first time. We didn't get much time, only two days, but it was enough for me to get completely hooked. Ever since, surfing has been a great part of my life.

It's a combination of being so close to nature and the excitement of pushing boundaries that got me so obsessed. Surfing is one of those things that just gets more fun the more you do it; handling bigger and more powerful waves as you evolve. And as your love for it grows, you start hunting for new experiences - new spots to explore. Eventually, it all turns into a great adventure. Moving further away from the crowded world to find those unique places has given me experiences far out of the ordinary, like surfing with dolphins, penguins, seals and even sharks! I've gotten to surf at so many different locations - from the cold north of Norway to the south of New Zealand and all the way to Costa Rica.

My dream would be to live by the ocean, with a steady job that gives me the flexibility to be able to travel and surf. I realize that a lot has to go my way in order for that to be possible, but right now, I can't imagine a life without surfing. There is nothing I love more than paddling out in the water, sunrise or sunset, surfing perfect waves with amazing people. Regardless of where I end up, surfing will always be a big part of me."

- Celine, Norway

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