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It makes me feel alive

"My mom always used to say that there is a fine line between being brave and being stupid. I think I have always walked that line. Being born in Peru is a blessing, it has it all: jungles, deserts, and mountains. Within those biomes there are all sorts of activities to be explored, and that’s where I come in. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been traveling around my country with the same group of friends, going on all sorts of adventures. We went glacier climbing once, and by the time it was my turn to climb it started raining. Everything was wet and slippery. The ice picks weren’t holding properly, but I just had to keep going. I remember slipping, hitting my head, and getting cuts on my hands. Somehow, I still made my way to the top. There is always so much that could go wrong, but to me there is no feeling like defying the odds. A year later, during a waterfall rappel, I was about halfway down when I heard something snap. The rope had come loose from the anchor point, and it kept slipping through my hand, until I managed to get a hold of it. I looked up at everyone, sighed out, laughed a little nervously, and kept going. I’m so glad I did because shortly after, I reached a point where I could swing my way into the waterfall and really feel its power, it was so renewing. One of the most irresponsible things I’ve done, though, was going upside down while rock climbing. ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ was about to screen in the movies, so it seemed appropriate. 

Nature has become a huge part of my life, and the adrenaline that comes with it makes me feel alive. There is so much more to experience in this world; more laughs, screams, and adventures. And when I am old - when I can afford to disappear for a while but my bones won’t allow me to hike anymore - I want to own a house in the middle of the wild with the most beautiful view. I will watch the sunset while drinking a glass of whiskey, listening to music. It’s going to be nice."

- Albert, Perú

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