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'Just a little distracted'

“If you want the scientific definition, the neurological stuff, I’m not the one to ask. It’s not that I don’t understand it, but the information you find online tells you more about the treatments and ‘how to medicate’ someone with ADHD rather than explaining the diagnosis itself for one to understand. I mean, it’s difficult to explain something that’s so embedded in someone’s life that it becomes part of their definition of normal, and describing life with ADHD would be a perfect example of that. But, I’ll give it a try anyway. I’ll fall in love with the simple sight of cheese in a food truck. In fact, I was so fascinated by this cheese the other day; craving its flavors while sinking real deep into the thoughts of its intricate history that I didn’t realize the seller had been trying to talk to me for five minutes. I almost jumped when he finally took a plunge and yelled as he asked me if I wanted a tasting - for the tenth time. I was so distracted by that beautiful cheese that my hearing and ability to sense the outer surroundings just shut down. This happens multiple times a day, as my mind is constantly processing, like, ten thoughts at once. And while all those thoughts are cooking up a chaotic to-do list, you easily forget what you were actually supposed to be doing. For a visit to my friend in Bergen last week, I packed three bags. Three bags. But don’t confuse me with those people that always bring all they need; I forgot all my chargers, and all I brought was one pair of socks, clothes enough for three days, and a huge puffy pillow. My bags are always like that; filled with all kinds of random objects that I probably thought I’d need at some point. You should take a look into my bag at the end of a day sometimes, it’s pretty funny. Oh, and I almost missed that train to Bergen, by the way.

It probably sounds crazier than it feels like. ADHD sucks in those moments when you forget something important; I mean, of course, I don’t love always showing up late and always forgetting my credit card. But after all, I can’t help loving how it makes my life so impulsive and interesting. My fascination for all the absurd and beautiful things this world has to offer fills every day with a great range of emotions and thoughts. I was supposed to be cleaning my room right now, but I ended up watching this german guy making fruit loop cereals for two hours instead. Definitely worth it.”

- Nora, Norway

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