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The rest will come naturally..

"Some of them just expect you to speak their language, and if you don't - they will still talk to you in French. It made it so hard for me to make friends. Everyone already had their own groups, and me being the one who was only capable of expressing how many dogs I have or the colour of my clothes, it frustrated me. But that frustration motivated me to learn the language. I told myself that I would sit down at the same cafe for as long as it took until I could either make a friend, or just learn French. I became a regular at that place. Every time I went, I would challenge myself to try out new French phrases. The baristas would always greet me when I entered, and after some time - I made a friend. I even started getting invited to the Parisiens’ parties. Becoming a regular at this café turned into the most fun times of my life. That's when I learned that the great experiences in life are not going to fall upon me, I first have to pull the rope myself. The rest will come naturally."

- Hannah, The Netherlands

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