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Tira el teléfono al agua

As adorable as she looks, she is one of the toughest and most up-for-anything humans I’ve ever met. She is the type of person that inspires trust and love; someone who opens your eyes to find joy in the simple pleasures of life. She kept talking with great enthusiasm about her diverse travels; about her year abroad in Australia and going up to the north of Peru. Still being in her teenage years, she has lived through so many cultures. Her time in Ecuador with her family for New Years’ is one she holds dear to her heart. With her eyes gleaming, she described every detail to me; how clear the salt water was, and the midnight laughter with her family. But more than anything, she would emphasize the fact that there was no wifi and no service where they stayed. She told me how her phone was barely used, even for pictures, and instead, she was spending her time in the water; crossing paths with sea lions and riding water motors around. She went on to explain how refreshing it had been to not have contact with anyone but the people she actually met throughout her day, how taking that break from our busy and unpredictable society was crucial for a healthy soul. She took a deep breath. “After learning how that feels like - disconnecting from the outside world -, I know what type of life I want to have. A life filled with being present in the moment, surrounded by beautiful people and places that I choose to surround myself with.”

- Andrea, Peru

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